Billie Kawendé

Soul Concert

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Event with headphones
The Seebühne at the Schwanenspiegel floats on the water while the audience sits on the terraces at the shore. To connect the audience with the action on stage, a headphone system is used that is sanitised before each use.

Only real
soul is
to last
(Billie Kawendé)

Billie Kawendé has been singing all her life. The young musician from Brussels grew up in a family where music was not an option but a must. Congolese rumba, hip-hop, but above all soul and gospel defined her childhood and youth.

Billie Kawendé is a soul artist who is bursting with energy and sings her heart out on stage. She loves the timeless beauty of soul music, which fills her heart with spirituality. By applying her personal interpretation to almost forgotten but beautiful old soul songs by, for example, the Staple Singers, she proves how powerfully music can convey the message of love and respect. Billie Kawendé is convinced: “Only real old-school soul is going to last forever!”

In the past, Billie Kawendé has often performed solo on the piano, but at her asphalt concert on the Seebühne she will have her band with her, adding a pinch of pop and electro to the soulful renditions.


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Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of NRW as part of the #Kunststörer project.

Billie Kawendé: Vocals, Keyboards
Joachim Saerens: Keyboards
Simon Witvrouw: Guitar
Lieven Venken: Drums
Hbrs: Vocals
Crest: Keyboards, Vocals

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