Support asphalt!


Contribute to the creation of new art and cultural collaboration through your sponsorship or donation! We are passionate about connecting people and the arts, inviting exceptional national and international groups of artists and launching new art.

At asphalt we present almost 50 events, including several world premieres that are created especially for the asphalt Festival and co-produced by us.

To realise this, we need strong alliances. We would like to thank all our sponsors, partners and supporters for their courage and trust in supporting the festival and many a daring project or experiment.

The non-profit asphalt festival is financed by public funds, sponsorships and donations from private citizens. Become part of this festival, shoulder the realisation of a wonderful vision together with us!

Sponsorship: we are happy to find intelligent and tailor-made ways for your company to get involved with the asphalt Festival.

Donations: Upon receipt of your donation, we will promptly send you a donation receipt which you can claim against tax.

For further information, please contact our managing director Christof Seeger-Zurmühlen at 0211 23 94 97 98 or send an email to

We thank you and look forward to your support!


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