Mouvman Alé

Electrifying Psych Rock
La Réunion
34OST Festivalzentrum
ehem. Conrad Electronic
Mi 3 Juli 2024 21:30
zur Zeit

Oststraße 34
40211 Düsseldorf
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Ticket prices:
Adv. booking 22 Euro, conc. 11 Euro
Box office 26 Euro, conc. 13 Euro
Free admission for guests of the performance “Schaf sehen” on the same evening
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Running time: approx. 90 min.
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The event is accessible for wheelchair users.

(Radio France International)

A hypnotic, powerful and electrifying mixture of psych rock, pop, traditional mascarene rhythms and electronics: the music of Mouvman Alé from Reunion Island is bold and intoxicating, and the quartet’s live shows are an energising experience. The group themselves call their style “romans non-galizé rényoné” in their native Creole language, which means “experimental chansons from Réunion”. Mouvman Alé fuse the “maloya”, a traditional artform fusing of music, song and dance that has been passed down for several generations on Reunion Island, with metal-like rock, Brazilian rhythms and electronic sounds. The songs of the band with the charismatic frontman Franswa Virassamy-Macé at the centre, immerse themselves in the intense vibrations of everyday life on Reunion Island and are an artistic dialogue with the symbolic figure Tetka, who embodies the mysterious energy of the island. Mouvman Alé see themselves as a collective that not only feels connected through their intensive rehearsal work together, but also through philosophical discussions, yoga sessions and mountain hikes, which are also part of the musical project. Connected to the spirits of the island, this band is constantly dancing on the volcano …

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What the press says:

“The band puts in music the daily life in Reunion Island, the landscapes and the particularity of the island.” (Rolling Stone)

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Funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of NRW


Franswa Virassamy-Macé: vocals, guitar, percussions, kayamb
Benjamin Rebolle: piano, MAO, backing vocals
Baptiste Clément: guitar, bass, backing vocals
Loïc Médoc-Elma: percussions, backing vocals

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